About Roselium

Our mission is to give jewelry lovers a place to explore new and exciting brands.

What's the name of that store I got this ring from?... I don’t remember.

That’s how we got the idea of Roselium.

There are so many awesome stores out there to be found. I might get lucky and come across a few at the Fairfax Trading Post, or randomly walk past one when window shopping on Melrose Avenue. But I often find myself going through thousands of (cat) photos on my phone, trying to find out whether I took a picture of that store.

Now, you might say if it’s truly unique and special, I should at least remember the name. Maybe... but what about all the other jewelry stores that I never had the opportunity to find? Or the ones I didn’t give a chance because the brand seemed “not my style” at the time?

Roselium is created to bring together all the awesome jewelry stores we could’ve missed. We introduce them through our monthly subscription, and provide an online jewelry marketplace so you will never miss a shine.

Alice (CEO and Co-Founder)
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